FibriSEAL Nanotechnology

3 Pillars of Fibriseal

FibriSEAL Soft Matter Nanotechnology

FibriSEAL is a proprietary technology

FibriSEAL is a proprietary technology that will make up the next generation of disruptive products designed to control fluid loss in surgery and revolutionize the hemostatic and therapeutic markets. The three pillars that create the foundation of this revolutionary technology are: electrospun dextran, which is a high-tech version of sugar analogous to cotton candy, and human-derived proteins of thrombin and fibrinogen embedded into the dextran fibers. 

SurgiCLOT® is the first & only fibrin sealant

The first product to be introduced featuring the FibriSEAL Soft Matter Nanotechnology is SurgiCLOT®. It is the first and only fibrin sealant designed specifically for bone bleeding, utilizing the dextran nanofibers to deliver a bolus of human fibrinogen and thrombin, augmenting the clotting cascade to promote a FAST, STRONG, and NATURAL Fibrin Clot in order to aid in the bone healing process.

stm awards
stm awards

Are you ready to control bleeding

with the only dissolvable hemostatic dressing?
This product is not yet cleared for use in the US or EU.

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