What is FASTCLOT®?

FASTCLOT® is a unique therapeutic platform technology. In its first application, SURGICLOT®, supplemental clot-forming proteins are dispersed on a bleeding injury site.

SURGICLOT® has a dual mechanism of action to control cancellous bone bleeding. The dextran component achieves initial hemostasis by tamponade. As the dextran dissolves, the clotting proteins, thrombin and fibrinogen, are activated to form a human protein-derived clot that seals the surface.

The fibrin clot is highly efficacious and, therefore, cost-effective. Hemostasis is achieved quickly and the clot becomes tenacious and translucent, allowing the surgeon to continue to work in the area without re-bleeding.

The dextran, once solubilized, is removed as part of normal suctioning. The remaining clot initially shrinks a small amount, eliminating problems associated with swelling, and is resorbed by the body similar to a normal hematoma.

More About the Technology

Clinical Applications

We believe that SURGICLOT® will become the standard of care for treating orthopaedic surgical bleeding.

Our first focus is treating cancellous bone bleeding during orthopaedic surgery. Once CE Mark is achieved, it will be the only hemostatic dressing approved for cancellous bone bleeding during surgery that can be left in the body.

Additional Applications

Research & Technology

FASTCLOT® technology performance has been explored in a broad range of hemostasis applications.

19 pre-clinical studies have focused in three basic medical areas: (1) spine and orthopaedic procedures; (2) control of high-volume arterial/venous bleeding; and (3) soft tissue / liver & spleen coagulation.

Read The Research
Mr. Madan, M.D., a human clinic trial investigator quoted, "This product will change the way I perform surgeries in the future. I see patients being able to leave the hospital a day or two earlier because of the way blood loss is controlled."
Mr. Madan, M.D.

Human clinical trial investigator, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospital, UK

FASTCLOT® Future Audience

  • Cardio-thoracic Surgeons
    Ear-Nose-Throat Surgeons
    General Surgeons
    Head & Neck Surgeons
    OB/GYN Surgeons
    Ophthalmologic Surgeons
    Oral Surgeons
    Orthopaedic Surgeons
    Plastic Surgeons
    Surgical Oncologists
    Thoracic Surgeons
    Trauma Surgeons
    Urologic Surgeons
    Vascular Surgeons
Medical Specialists
Medical Specialists
  • Anesthesiologists
    Emergency Room Physicians
    Family Practice Physicians
    Interventional Radiologists
  • Ambulances
    Emergency Medical Personnel
    Fire Departments
Consumers & Other
Consumers & Other
  • Adventure Travel
    Home/Auto Medical Kits
    Patients on Anticoagulants
    Sports Injuries
    Veterinary Surgeons

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