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St Teresa Medical was founded in 2010 to commercialize an innovative technology developed by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in collaboration with the Henry Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine. The technology was originally developed for treating battlefield trauma. St Teresa Medical licensed the invention from VCU and added substantial additional intellectual property to the portfolio. The company was originally named after Mother Teresa. Just as Mother Teresa was a healer and saved lives, this platform technology is designed to stop life-threatening bleeding or fluid leaks during surgery and aid in wound healing. St Teresa Medical is aimed to revolutionize the hemostatic and therapeutic markets with soft matter nanotechnology fibers to better patient outcomes and improve lives.

Corporate History & Accomplishments


Secured world-wide license to technology from VCU.


Intellectual Property

Executed long-range IP strategy resulting in 43 patent applications in key U.S. & international markets.


Completed 13+ in-vivo trials involving 5 species.



Completed 2 human clinical trails in the U.K., Norway, and India on Cancellous Bone Bleeding with excellent results.


Successful pilot production development moving into GMP manufacturing to support commercialization.



Contracting with experienced distributors for upcoming Beta Launch


Received ISO 13485 Certification & GMP Compliance Certificate.



FDA Phase III IND Pending.

Are you ready to control bleeding

with the only dissolvable hemostatic dressing?
This product is not yet cleared for use in the US or EU.

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