Dr. Tim Floyd Speaks on SurgiCLOT®

St. Teresa Medical interviews orthopaedic surgeon Tim Floyd about the game changing qualities of SurgiCLOT® surgical dressing.

We believe that SurgiCLOT® will become the standard of care for treating orthopaedic surgical bleeding. Once SurgiCLOT® receives its CE Mark, it will be the only hemostatic agent specifically approved for cancellous bone bleeding during surgery.

"SurgiCLOT® is absolutely going to be a game changer in the field of orthopedic surgery, or any kind of surgery that involves bone, such as heart surgery, EMT, Neurosurgery, all kinds of surgery will benefit."

Dr. Tim Floyd, Chief Medical Officer & Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board, Boise, Idaho

Dr. Sura on SurgiCLOT®

Dr. Sura, consultant Neurosurgeon at STAR Hospitals, Hyderabad, India, explains why he thinks SurgiCLOT® dextran dressing from St. Teresa Medical is the wave of the future for many types of surgeries.

Dr. Sura reports after concluding his research studies, "SurgiCLOT® is phenomenal and performed far better than other products I have used as hemostats, e.g., bone wax, Gelfoam®, Floseal®, etc., during spine surgeries, especially for cancellous bone bleeding. Application of SurgiCLOT® is simple and easy and does not interfere with completion of the surgical procedure. Another great feature of the product is that it dissolves fast and hemostasis is absolute.

"After using SurgiCLOT® in 10 spinal fusion cases, I now have additional ideas and potential areas where SurgiCLOT® can be used, e.g., in cases of large brain tumors (meningiomas and gliomas) to prevent tumor bed hematomas."

Dr. Sukumar Sura - Consultant Neurosurgeon at STAR Hospitals, Hyderabad, India

Dr. Ferguson on Clinical Experience with SurgiCLOT®

"I have now had the opportunity to use St Teresa's SurgiCLOT® product in both the animal model and in the treatment of patients undergoing spine surgery. I have been impressed with its handling characteristics and its efficacy. Epidural bleeding was stopped rapidly and permanently. Once the epidural bleeding had been controlled it was once again possible to mobilize the dura without restarting the bleeding. Perhaps most important is the knowledge that the product does not swell and therefore can be left within the surgical field if necessary. I have also had the opportunity to use the product in the animal model looking at both arterial and venous injuries. It was possible to control arterial bleeds with little difficulty, making tricky surgical situations such as a tear to the back side of the iliac vessels in the setting of anterior lumbar interbody fusion or segmental vessels in the setting of direct lateral approaches, reconstructions and fusions safer and easier to control."

Dr. John Ferguson, human clinical user at ASCOT Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Madan Comments on Future of SurgiCLOT®

Mr. Madan, M.D., a human clinic trial investigator quoted, "This product will change the way I perform surgeries in the future. I see patients being able to leave the hospital a day or two earlier because of the way blood loss is controlled."

Mr. Madan, M.D. - Human clinical trial investigator, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospital, UK

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